The plant world is always speaking to you. Are you listening?  

Listen to the Plants is a project and a series of books that document the human journey of reconnection back to the natural world by communicating and healing with plants. This is a project of Renée Fidz, a writer, designer, and herbalist living in western Massachusetts.

This is a daily practice for some, but for others, we glimpse fleeting moments that remind us that we were never separate from Nature. The wild is, and always has been, within us, and we can bring it back.

Listen to the Plants: Volume I is out now, available as a paperback or e-book. Other surprise keepsakes from the series will become available over the next few months.


Listen to the Plants:
Volume I

Paperback and e-book now available for purchase!

Do you have a miraculous story of plant communication to share? Tell us your experience of plant communication, and we will reach out to you for inclusion in future volumes.

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